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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Almost 23...

Next week I turn 23! I still can't quite get my head round this as I keep thinking it still seems like only yesterday that I turned 17 (where the hell have the last 6 years gone?!) 

I have never been able to deal with change particularly well.. whether this be age related or job related as I find it unsettling. This year however I have come to realise that age is only a number but mentally you feel exactly the same so slowly but surely I am beginning to worry less about my age!

This month I also get to view some potential ideas for my wedding flowers which is super exiciting! I cannot believe it is almost 1 year until I get married to my best friend ahh!!! 

I am also still coming to terms with living with Fibromyalgia which I am glad to finally have answers too. I have researched this and believe that after having glandular fever back in 2014 this is possibly how I developed this chronic illness. Anxiety is also part of this condition so I am relieved to be able to join all the dots together.

Life is full of ups and downs but I am so lucky to have such amazing support around me.

Olivia xo

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I'm Back...

It has been just over 3 months since I lasted posted on my blog... it is crazy how time flys! I have been somewhat readjusting to life - since being diagnosed with a joint condition that takes away a lot of energy most days so as soon as I get home I just want to rest as I am in constant pain.

Some pretty exciting things have happened since I last posted. Jack & I have brought our first home together - which we will hopefully get to move into in June this year. We will shortly be choosing our cabinets, colour scheme, carpets etc which will finally make it all seem real!

In other news: I found & ordered my wedding dress!!!! It is everything I hoped & wished it to be and I cannot wait to wear it. I tried on so many different shape & style of dresses but just knew it was the one as soon as I put it on. I spent 2 and a hours in the dress shop and knew nothing would compare so ordered it before I left. I get to try it on again in June/July! I am so happy and feel incredibly lucky that I found the dress of my dreams on my first round of dress shopping. That is one thing I am blessed with is my decisiveness and I never change my mind once my heart is set on something. It was the same for our house - the decision was made the same day!

We also ordered our wedding cake and it is going to be so beautiful and Elaine makes amazing tasting cakes so I cannot wait to see it on the big day.

Last month I also changed jobs which was something I really didn't want to do however having just purchased our first home together - I needed a permanent contract. In turn my anxiety has come back quite badly and is having a big impact on my day to day life - I am very grateful to have such an amazing fiancé, family and friends who are helping me the best they can however I crave the stability & support from my old role.

All I can hope is that in time I will find a different job role more suited to my personality.

Olivia xo

Friday, 30 October 2015

Dove - Advanced Hair Series - Quench Absolute - For Curly Hair | Review

For the last couple of months I have majorly fallen out of love with my hair. I am not sure what it is but every time I look in the mirror my hair just never looks the way I want and feels very dry! Then the other day I received an e-mail about Dove's new Advanced Hair Series range especially for curly hair and when I saw all the products were on a 3 for £10 offer I almost ran down to my local Boots the next day.

I brought 2 of the Intense Replenishment Masks and 1 bottle of the Supreme Creme Serum and they are amazing. I would of liked to buy the shampoo and conditioner as well however they only had the shampoo in stock and if I am honest I have about 3 lots of shampoo and conditioner to use up so it is probably a good thing they didn't have this in stock. 

Although I am still not 100% loving my hair these products have worked wonders in how manageable it has made my hair. I apply the hair mask every other wash for 5 minutes and honestly it leaves my hair feeling so soft that I don't need to use conditioner! You also don't need a lot of this product as it is quite thick which means you are definitely getting your moneys worth plus the fact that they were on 3 for £10 when each product is normally worth £6.99 makes it even better.

My favourite out of the 2 however is the Supreme Creme Serum as you can apply this on damp or dry hair which makes it a super handy product to have. You need to apply about 2 pumps worth of product into your hand then spilt your hair into 2 equal parts and then spread the product evenly throughout the first section of hair and then repeat the process for the last section of hair.

This instantly makes your hair feel so soft and leaves your curls looking defined but with no fizziness!

I would most definitely recommend giving this products a try. If you do let me know what you think of them.

Olivia xo

Monday, 26 October 2015

Mr & Mrs..

I still can't believe that in a little over 18 months I will be marrying my best friend and love of my life and finally become husband & wife, cheesy I know! I am so excited that I have already booked the venue, registrar and photographer (I think this will do for now).

As I start to get a little carried away in Hobbycraft with the table confetti etc. and start dreaming about what dresses I would like to try on; I keep thinking about how much my life has changed since I imagined getting married back when I was in secondary school. For a start there are some people who I couldn't imagine not attending my wedding when was I thinking about my dream wedding all at the tender age of 16 (for a RE project may I add!).

In someways this makes me sad but things happened that I cannot change and words were said that were never explained or apologised for so I feel that in some respects it is probably for the best. When you are 16 more than anything you want to be grown up but when you actually get here it is not as great as everyone makes it out to be and you long to be back at school laughing and messing around.

If there is one thing that I am sure of I am marrying someone who understands me completely, has never left my side even through the bad times and always has my best interests at heart and for that I am eternally grateful.

Olivia xo

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tuesday Morning..

This morning my lovely friend Crystal invited me to have a back, shoulder and neck massage at the salon where she works and it was just what I needed!

For an hour I just totally relaxed and forgot about the outside world which I haven't been able to do for a long time. 

After my relaxing pamper session I headed into town and treated myself to lunch at my favourite cafe and I was lucky as it was very quiet in there so my lunch came over pretty much straight away! I had a chicken salad sandwich, a chocolate croissant and of course a cup of tea.

I wish every day could start like this!

Olivia xo


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Relaxed Sunday Evenings..

There is nothing I love more on a Sunday than having a relaxing pamper evening. It is the time of the week where I like to sit back and reflex on what has happened in the week as well as planning ahead for the start of a new week at the same time! My anxiety has also been getting worse lately and I find that switching off from everything and just taking an hour or so to myself can really make the world of difference to my well being!

I picked up this purifying facial sheet mask in Superdrug a few weeks ago and I am so glad I did it made my skin feel so soft and smooth once I had taken it off, so I will definitely be going back to pick up a few more of these little gems!

My other favourite way to relax is reading. I love escaping into a imaginary world and creating the images and the way the characters look in my head. At the moment I am reading 'After You' by Jojo Moyes this is the sequel to 'Me Before You' and it is the only book that has ever made me cry (in a good way) and just really made me think about life in general. If you haven't read it I really recommend you picking up a copy!

Finally I find organising and writing lists for my wedding plans quite relaxing as I am a very organised person and like to write lists and then re write them to make sure I have everything meticulously organised in one planner!

I have ticked off a few main things such as choosing a date, booking the venue and the registrar so I feel I can slow down a bit before next year when the organising and booking of cakes, flowers, dresses etc has to start.

Let me know what your favourite things are that help you relax!

Love Olivia xo


Monday, 21 September 2015

Autumn has arrived ?!

Hi Guys!

So it looks as though Autumn is upon us, there is definitely a chill in the air and the heating has possibly been on a few times! 

The other day I popped into my new Dorothy Perkins who have opened up a new section in my local 'Beales' department store which is great because I can finally purchase all the latest items in store (woohoo) my bank balance however does not agree.

I may have made a few sneaky purchases! My first item is a beautiful burnt orange pinafore style dress (you can't get more autumnal even if you tried) and my second item is this lovely leather style brown shift dress which I am in love with plus I got £5 off (from the nice lady at the till) which made it even better and more justifiable (obviously!). 

Let me know in the comments below of your must have autumnal clothing items or products.

Love Olivia xo
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